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Ray and Ruth Custom Woodworking and Jewelry

Ray's Page Ray has been woodworking for over 40 years, since he was about six years old. His passion for wood stems from the years spent in his father's shop doing everything from sweeping the floor to eventually building custom cabinetry. The business evolved from making gifts for family and friends and has grown into a considerable outlet for his creativity.

Ray makes custom cutting boards, lazy Susan's, and coaster sets using various exotic and domestic hardwoods. He also makes turned wooden Christmas ornaments, candle holders, and has recently started to make segmented turned bowls and flower pots using various exotic and domestic hardwoods. All of his pieces are created from natural woods, no stains or dyes are used.

All of the woods used in Ray's products come from responsibly managed forest areas.

Ray can be found most days in his shop working on new ideas to keep himself challenged and add new and interesting items to his product line.

Ruth's Page Ruth has a background in fashion merchandising and floral arrangement, where she learned the concepts of color and marketing. Through the years life has taken her through two husband's businesses, until five years ago, while visiting her sister in San Fransisco, she took a beading class. She has been beading since. Her passion is working with semi-precious gem stones and crystals on silk beading thread.

Ruth's work has evolved to also include the ribbon scarf necklace and gem stone pendants. She is currently taking a wire wrapping class to improve her skills and add more variety to her product line.

Ruth's product line consists of necklace and earring sets on silk thread, ribbon scarf necklaces, in fifteen colors, and gem stone pendants. The marriage of her husband's woodworking and her jewelry can also be seen in several pieces. Ruth constantly strives for ways to improve her work and to keep her product line fresh and interesting.